Solar Energy adds 51,000 new Jobs yet White House Ignores it in its new Energy Plan

Solar Energy adds 51,000 new Jobs yet White House Ignores it in its new Energy Plan

Reports indicate that the solar industry has been registering tremendous growth over the past few years even as the new administration totally ignores it in its new Energy Plan.

The new administration has launched an ambitious energy plan that the government believes will address the underlying energy-related problems in the country within the shortest time possible. However, in the plan, details about the role of the solar energy industry are ominously missing, underlying widespread concerns about the attitude of the Trump administration towards solar energy.

However, as White House attempts to sideline solar energy in its energy plans for the country, multiple reports indicate that solar energy has been playing a leading role in the economy of the country over the past few years and that it is set to continue playing a leading role in the economy over the next few decades.

According to a report released by the Solar Foundation, an NGO concerned with advocating for the use of solar energy in the country, the solar energy industry added 51,000 new jobs to the American economy in 2016.

The report further notes that the 51,000 new jobs that the solar energy industry created back in 2016 exceeded what the industry has created in the previous year, 2015, by about 24.5%.

Andrea Luecke, the executive director of the organisation, says that the current trends indicate that the jobs in the solar energy have almost been tripling every year.

‘We have been witnessing a tremendous increase in the number of new jobs that are created by this industry over the past few years,’ he added.

It has also been reported that most of the new jobs that have been created in the industry have been in the installation segment of the industry.

Observers are pointing out that the large increase in jobs in the industry is a reflection of the trend in which many homes and businesses in the country are turning to solar energy.

As many businesses and homes are turning to solar energy, demand for technicians who can handle the sophisticated installation processes has been increasing steadily in the industry, thus creating jobs for many people over the years.

Solar energy has been growing at a steady pace in the country. Forecasts by industry insiders indicate that the demand for solar energy is steadily rising in all states across the country, with California leading, having created about 100,000 new solar energy-related jobs over the past year.

It remains to be seen how the new administration will treat the solar energy industry over the next few years.