Some Of The Most Blacklisted Apps On The Market Are WhatsApp And WinZip

Some Of The Most Blacklisted Apps On The Market Are WhatsApp And WinZip

Amongst many other apps, these are the ones that may pose a serious threat to the economy and business security in the cyber world.

The companies are in shock as they get blacklisted as some of the most dangerous apps for business security on the market. Apps included in the list are applications like WhatsApp messenger, WinZip and Where’s my Droid Pro, which tops these negative charts on the iOS and Android app list.

As reported on Tuesday, the list came out for the public as the security firm Appthority published the report of the latest Enterprise Mobile Security which you can find on this page. These lists go into as how the corporation can badly use their resources to oppose a threat to many other companies and their security levels.

There are many reasons that any application can be on this list. Some of them include possible loopholes, security breaches and many other ‘bugs’ of applications that can damage the user himself, because all of them are made for us users, and without us, there would be no use for those applications.

The lack of secure communication and ways of losing confidential data of the users are the reasons these apps are blacklisted now. Any person with intentions of getting that data has the knowledge to do so, so the public should be warned by this. In the past, these breaches were used for espionage, tracking people’s logs and using the app in a bad way so the user gets exposed.

In this era, all the possible security breaches can be used, but not all the apps can be prevented from installing. However, network and security admins can protect their servers and users from connecting to the specific server.

The list of top 10 blacklisted android apps go as following:

  • Poot-debug(W100).apk
  • AndroidSystemTheme
  • Where’s my droid pro
  • Weather
  • Wild Crocodile simulator
  • Star war
  • Ggzzversion
  • Boyfriend tracker
  • Chicken puzzle
  • Device alive

The list of top 10 blacklisted iOS apps go as following:

  • WhatsApp
  • Pokemon GO
  • WinZip
  • CamScanner
  • Plex
  • WeChat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • eBay Kleinanziegen
  • Netease news
  • Device alive

Most of the android apps are on the list because there was some kind of malware detected in them, but iOS apps are different – they are listed because of the possible data leakage from them. The apps could be preprogrammed with malware of some kind to send random SMS messages, get your GPS location, threaten other people and send sensitive information without your knowledge.

Some the apps that are most likely to create a breach are Facebook, Pandora, and Yelp on the iOS market, and on Android, the list is Uber, Whatsapp Messenger, and Facebook Messenger.

In July, Trend Micro has announced the partnership for help in solving these issues in the cooperation with Vmware. Companies plans go to check the applications in every update for possible breaches and reporting them immediately in order to fix those breaches. You can read more on the following link.