South Korea Builds a New Gigantic Military-Style Robot

South Korea Builds a New Gigantic Military-Style Robot

A leading South Korean robotics firm, Hankook Mirae Technologies, has unveiled a new gigantic bipedal robot as one of its important projects. While commenting on the results of the initial tests of the scary humanoid machine, the company’s chairman, Yang Jin-Ho said that the robot, named Method 2, is the first of its kind in the world and holds promise as it ushers in a new era of highly efficient robots.

Method 2 is a huge machine that weighs 130kgs and stands 13 feet tall. The machine, which was designed by the famed designer, Vitaly Bulgarov, has large limbs that can be operated by a pilot embedded in the machine’s huge cockpit. Interestingly, the robot resembles the military-style machine that appears in Avatar, a movie. Bulgarov has spent a lot of time designing robots for leading Sci-Fi movies.

Accounts indicate that the robot shook the ground during the first time that it stepped outside the labs as part of a series of highly controlled tests. A human pilot sitting in the cockpit can control the machine by simple movements of the arms and commands. The machine then mimics the movements of the arms of the operator and executes the commands with military precision.

According to Hankook Mirae Technologies, there is still a lot of work to be done to perfect the functioning of Method 2.

‘Method 2 has to be able to go into highly dangerous areas that human beings tend to avoid,’ said Yang.

It appears that Method 2 has been created for the battlefront. However, what many observers are not sure about is what triggered South Korea to build this new machine. In the recent past, North Korea, the bitter enemy state of South Korea, has been issuing threats against Seoul.

Back in August the CNN reported that Pyongyang had issued a warning that it could launch a nuclear attack against South Korea and the US. It remains to be seen how things are likely to pan out in the next few months as engineers at Hankook Mirae Technologies perfect Method 2.