Stanford Researchers: Fake News Did Not Alter Election Results

fake news

There goes another liberal fake-news narrative, as according to a new study by Stanford and New York University researchers, the fake news did not alter the election results.

Americans can rest easy and be sure of one thing: regardless of what  excuses the Democrats and their lapdog liberal media are throwing in their faces as reasons for losing the election, the fake news phenomenon was insignificant with regard to the presidential election end results.

The study was released in January of 2017 and it investigated the fake news influence over President Donald Trump’s victory.

The research was conducted under the supervision of Stanford economics professor Matthew Gentzkow and New York University professor Hunt Allcott. Researchers ran a battery of tests for determining in a scientific manner which fake-news articles were heavily circulated through the social media, how much of it was circulated and how many voters believed those articles to be genuine.

The researchers conducted a post election survey consisting of 1200 voters after they gathered a variety of fact checked and proven to be fake news stories.

The individuals who participated in the survey were questioned about their primary source of news for the 2016 election cycle and afterwards, they were presented with a list of fake and true news stories, then asked 2 questions regarding each story, whether true or false.

The first question was if the participant remembered reading the story. The second was if the participant believed the story of not.

The study concluded that fake news stories favoring Donald Trump did not reach a sufficient number of voters in the United States in order to influence the election results. To quote from the authors of the study:

“The average American saw and remembered 0.92 pro-Trump fake news stories and 0.23 pro-Clinton fake news stories, with just over half of those who recalled seeing fake news stories believing them; for fake news to have changed the outcome of the election, a single fake article would need to have had the same persuasive effect as 36 television campaign ads.”

The research noted that the majority of voters are not what the mainstream media regards them to be, i.e. gullible morons, but truly capable of accurately discerning whether a news story is genuine or fake. They concluded that the number of Americans voting their candidate based on false information was insignificant.

And considering that the mainstream media, which is the real fake news media, was heavily biased (and still is) against The Donald in the 2016 election proves that “flyover America” is not as dumb as the liberal-progressives describe it to be.