Survey Finds 64% of Americans Against NFL National Anthem Protest

nfl national anthem protest

According to a new survey, the vast majority of Americans, 64 percent respectively, say that the National Football League players should stand while the national anthem is played. That makes for almost two thirds of Americans, which means this is not a Donald Trump issue, i.e. both Democrats and Republicans alike are against politicizing sports and agree with the POTUS’ view that players should stand for the anthem.

The survey by Remington Research Group also found that eighty percent (80%) of respondents don’t like mixing sports and politics and more than half (51%) are now watching less football compared to previous years, with the primary reason why being NFL players using football as a platform for pushing their political views on the American public.

The survey’s findings are antithetic with the narrative pedaled by the mainstream media, which claims that the American public supports players kneeling during the anthem. A ESPN contributor was shocked by the survey and he wondered on Tuesday whether him and his fellow journalists are living in an echo chamber, a media-bubble that has nothing in common with public opinion. Here’s Will Cain:

“All I’m telling you is that I believe often in the Northeast we live in a media bubble or even a cultural bubble in the Northeast, we are greatly underestimating the resentment in the public evidenced by Villanueva’s jersey sales [and] the ratings.

“I’m just telling you. I have no idea how but it’s real.”

The NFL crossed the line.They ignored their own rule book. Prayer is not allowed but Black Lives Matter activism is. They have created an army of people that would prefer to see their institution destroyed – no more tax breaks, no more publicly funded stadiums. They are supposed to be all about ‘brand’ but not showing respect for the country that gave you everything you have is insulting.

Less deplorables at sporting events means a market correction. The rest of us can finally afford to go to games. Thanks in advance.

Photo: Getty Images