Telepathy Within Decade?

Mary Lou Jepsen

Well, according to an inventor who was a former Google exec, yes, telepathy is definitely possible within a decade (eight years actually) via high technology, of course. Telepathy, if made possible, would revolutionize communication. Just imagine that you could transmit your thoughts to another person or to your laptop by just thinking at them. Sounds pretty much like science fiction today, but according to Mary Lou Jepsen, the founder of Openwater and a former engineering exec at Intel, Oculus, Facebook and Google and an inventor holding over 100 patents, telepathy is pretty much around the corner.

Mary Lou Jepsen ditched Facebook to start Openwater back in 2016, a San Fran based startup which is working currently at developing technology aimed at making medical imaging cheaper and more affordable to the masses. According to an interview for CNBC, Mary Lou Jepsen is now trying to miniaturize an MRI machine and to create a portable version of such an apparatus, something in the form/factor of a ski hat.

The thing is, the technology which would allow Mary Lou Jepsen to build the first prototype of the micro MRI machine is not here just yet, hence there’s no prototype to talk about right now, but let’s wait a few years. If you are wondering what MRI machines and telepathy have in common, well, according to Mary Lou Jepsen, MRI machines are already capable of reading one’s thoughts:

“If I threw [you] into an M.R.I. machine right now … I can tell you what words you’re about to say, what images are in your head. I can tell you what music you’re thinking of,That’s today, and I’m talking about just shrinking that down.”

Some day in the not-so-distant future, Mary Lou Jepsen’s wearable MRI could be something along the lines of a thinking cap, a device which would be able to read your thoughts and to transmit them to others, as well as reading the thoughts of others and so on and so forth. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and the technology uses magnetic fields and radio waves for getting pictures of one’s internal organs for medical purposes.

Mary Lou Jepsen innovation looks at the flow of O2 in one’s body, which is highlighted (as in illuminated) with infrared light:

“Our bodies are translucent to that light. The light can get into your head,”

claims the tech wiz, adding that:

Right now our output is basically moving our jaws and our tongues or typing [with] our fingers. We’re … limited to this very low output rate from our brains, and what if we could up that through telepathy?”

Well, currently speaking, that’s just a theory and to tell you the truth, doesn’t make much sense to me, not to mention the ethical implications of building such thought-invasive technology. Just imagine what a totalitarian state could do to you: just put this magic hat on, you deplorable subversive, so the state commissar would be able to read your criminal thoughts. Some things should never be invented, if you ask me.