Tesla’s Model X Founder Series Hits Stone Wall, No Injuries

It’s a very bad time for Tesla right now, after several of the company’s Roadsters, as well as an original Tzero model, were lost in a fire recently. Not only that, but now there’s a possibility of another model being lost, and this time, it’s a Tesla Model X Founder Series.

Another incident has occurred, but fortunately, just like in the one involving a fire, there were no casualties, nor was anyone physically hurt. There is some material damage though, and it’s all a part of the history of electric vehicles now.

The incident that occurred this time involves the earlier mentioned Tesla Model X, which hit a stone wall in an accident that happened last week. The vehicle was left totaled, but once again, nobody got hurt in the crash.

The driver was Sylvain Juteau, the founder of roulezelectrique.com. It’s a French-Canadian website, and it was made so that the locals would be informed about the electronic cars. It was also in the business of selling the charging stations. Juteau was fortunate enough to win the Model X in Tesla’s last year referral program.

These cars are very rare since they’re reserved only for a few of the company’s insiders, and even fewer important investors, as well as companies friends. Jutaeu’s vehicle was literally a collection piece. He was driving it last week in the close proximity of the Trois-Rivières in Québec, and that’s when the vehicle simply went off the road and crashed into a stone wall.

Juteau thinks that he was using an Autopilot, but he isn’t sure, as he admits on his website. He states that he believed that the Autopilot was on, and he only looked away to change the radio station. When he looked on the road again, he saw that the car was already well on its way off the road, but it was too late for him to do anything.

He also took full responsibility for the crash, whether the Autopilot was on or not. He admits that he’s familiar with it and with how it works, but the Autopilot isn’t a replacement for the driver. He even posted pictures of the crash on his website.

He claims that he’s physically perfectly well, even though he’s a bit shaken by the entire event. The airbag was deployed at the time of the crash, and it took most of the damage.

The car was taken to the only Tesla Approved body shop in the vicinity, the Bugatti Montreal, and it will get its evaluation there. Juteau still hopes that vehicle won’t be declared totaled, but nothing can be said with certainty for now.

He also added that the worst hit was the one on his morale, because his attention dropped, and it resulted in damaging the only Model X Founder that can be found in Eastern Canada. It was supposed to be a future vintage car, and now it might be totaled.