The 5G Network Being Flaunted by AT&T is All Fake

The 5G Network Being Flaunted by AT&T is All Fake

We knew someone would take the bait with this one. While it would always be an American carrier jumping at naming its services as next generation, calling features reserved for 4G LTE as 5G Evolution seems far too much. AT&T, the large American carrier, announced a few new features on its network services which is called 5G Evolution but they are simply advancements to the existing 4G network. That is the most misleading any network can get since we are a good distance from the first features of 5G networks.

While the new features are a welcome addition to the existing 4G network, calling them 5G Evolution would be unfair and misleading to the consumer. It would be similar to adding the volume of the engine of a steam reliant train and calling it a diesel engine. Yes, you’ll have a faster and more effective machine on your hands but it still isn’t running on diesel. The few features being added by AT&T are but improvements on those brought to life by the 4G LTE network.

What makes AT&T rather shameless is that fact that it was also the first one to announce having 4G networks when the features they were flaunting were those of the 3G network. Among the features being baptised by AT&T as 5G include 256 QAM, advanced carrier aggregation and 4×4 MIMO are features of the 4G LTE network.

Even more surprising is the fact that there are other carriers who have already announced the features but as part of the 4G network. T-MOBILE already brought us these features under its 4G LTE network package. While one would have guessed that the other carriers would take the bite, AT&T could simply not resist the allure of the 5G name.

Even if other carriers come out with the same name for their networks, it ought to be made clear here and now that we are not close to the 5G network or its technologies. Carriers, to begin with, are at their root marketers who aim to attract users with fancy names. Don’t fall for this gimmicks since that technology could already be supported by your device. The same can be said of Bluetooth 5. While the technology is ready (for Bluetooth 5), only one device (Galaxy S8) has been announced to come with the support for this technology.

When 5G finally comes out, it will be announced not by a single carrier but by phone manufacturers and communication authorities too. Only then will it make sense to users like you and I. Now you know that that 5G gimmick is but, well, a gimmick.