The Future of Armed Police Drones is Now

If you were thinking that science-fiction dystopian movies from the eighties were just a figment of a deranged Hollywood scenarist’s imagination, well, you were dead wrong, as Connecticut is already considering to use armed/weaponized police drones for enforcing the law.

If the proposal from Connecticut’s lawmakers will become reality, this will be the first state in the US to allow its police force to use drones “armed” with deadly weapons. Of course, we’re not talking (at least for now) about Hellfire missiles or Predator drones, but something more “benign”, yet equally frightening.

The proposal was obviously met with skepticism and concern by liberties and civil rights advocates, but you know that saying, this is the wave of the future, you can’t stop progress and all that jazz.

The bill proposed by Connecticut’s lawmakers will ban the use of weaponized drones for everyone else except the police and the state’s Police Officer Standards and Training Council already drew a set of new rules which detail how law enforcement will use drones outfitted with deadly weapons.

Police officers will have to receive proper training before being able/allowed to operate weaponized drones, obviously, and their use is claimed to be restricted for exceptional circumstances. Again, at least in the beginning.

The theory is that weaponized drones are to be used only when dealing with mass shooters or terrorism or things of that nature, when an armed robot can spare a human life.

However, one must contemplate the possibility of hacking (as in hijacking) a police drone by a rogue entity. Just imagine the carnage that will ensue…and remember that even military drones were hacked on the battlefield and captured, so I’m not talking probabilities here but hard facts.

Currently speaking, the only state in the US that allows for law enforcement to use (in a limited fashion) weaponized drones is North Dakota. However, only non-lethal weapons are accepted, the likes of rubber bullets, stun guns and tear gas.