The Results Of Yahoo Hack Are Stunning, With The Actual Hack Being Three Times Worse Than Believed


As the reports say, the whole thing went horribly bad as the hackers went even further than this company has expected.

As Yahoo reports, the security breach went even farther than they expected. The attack which was done earlier in 2017 made the damage a lot worse than they had previously thought. The statistics say that over three billion user accounts were impacted, but the positive side is that these accounts were just briefly used.

Originally, the company had the report of one billion user accounts affected, but when they had linked up all the pieces, after contacting a huge majority of additionally affected people, the number has risen up to 3 billion.

Data stolen in the process was not very confidential, as no bank accounts were stolen, no passwords and no user accounts to other possibly linked websites.

The police and cybersecurity experts are working on the case, but as the company itself says, the problem in this whole case was the thing that they did not use valid encryption and decryption algorithms as well as easy to break security questions and answers which were completely unencrypted.

The Yahoo now investigates and wants to see what are better security options and how they should protect their customers with more care, as this presents a huge impact to their users, leaving them disappointed in the security standards of the company.

Yahoo was bought by US telecom company Verizon in June of this year of the price of 4.8 billion US dollars. Now the company is one big piece consisting of Verizon, AOL, and Yahoo, forming a new solution now called Oath.

The leading cyber experts and security engineers from the Verizon, including the chief security officer of Verizon Chandra McMahon report: “Verizon is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, and we proactively work to ensure the safety and security of our users and networks in an evolving landscape of online threats.”

The company still tends to use the highest level security standards around, and are deeply affected by this hacker breach, as they tend to solve this problem.

As reported, they say that this problem is something that made them think what are better security solutions for big websites like Verizon and Yahoo in this case. They had put up the team of experts to try and investigate all the additional possible breaches so they can make a new update in security, regarding the earlier mentioned websites.

One amazing coincidence is that this breach has happened the same day that the ex-head of the Equifax agency was ‘grilled’ by Congress in the breach that affected the systems and data of more than 145 million people all around the globe.