Thedarkoverlord Strikes Again! Eight Unreleased Episodes of an ABC Show Leaked

Thedarkoverlord Strikes Again! Eight Unreleased Episodes of an ABC Show Leaked

Back in April, a hacking entity that called itself TheDarkOverlord (TDO) warned that, unless paid, they would start stealing and publishing unaired episodes of multiple TV shows. Almost immediately after that, they have stolen unaired episodes of the Netflix show called Orange is The New Black and released the first episode.

This was obviously done just so that they could prove that they’re serious about the situation. They offered to return the episodes if the ransom was paid, which Netflix refused. Their decision was followed by an immediate dump of the rest of the stolen episodes, which was almost an entire season five of the said show.

Since then, everyone believed that TDO isn’t messing around, and there were even suggestions about their future plans. After the theft of Orange is the New Black, the investigation uncovered that the episodes were stolen from Larson Studios. This is a post-production studio that was hired for additional editing of the episodes. TDO also hinted that they might have even more content stolen from that same location.

Many were wondering if that was true or not, and now we finally have an answer. TDO has just published first eight episodes of the first season of ABC’s ‘Steve Harvey’s Funderdome’. They didn’t comment on where the content originally came from, but it’s quite possible that the episodes came from Larson Studios. This possibility is even more increased by the fact that the show was found on the list that TDO has distributed earlier.

steveharveysWhen asked about it, they even stated that they’re not willing to discuss the source of the material, but they did confirm that all of the content, now dumped online, is the property of American Broadcasting Company. The eight episodes can now be found on The Pirate Bay.

Less than dozen peers are currently found on the torrent, which means that the interest in episodes is pretty low at the moment. Despite the fact that the numbers are bound to increase with time, it’s still pretty obvious that the interest for the show is way lower than it was for Orange is the New Black.

Still, it would seem that the reason for the leak is same as before. Hackers stole the episodes and demanded money, or they’ll dump them online. When they didn’t get the payment, they decided to do what they promised, and now the episodes are on TPB.

TDO even stated that their offer to ABC was a most handsome one, but they were denied an audience, as well as the payment. Their Twitter post from June 2 warned that ABC is the next target. However, it would seem that TDO doesn’t see Netflix and ABC as similar companies. Or rather, they believe that these two companies’ routes to market are different. It’s their conclusion that ABC generates their profits in a much different manner than Netflix does. Still, that didn’t seem to make a change, since both companies were robbed of their unaired episodes, and they were all dumped online mercilessly.