Thousands of Arby’s Customers Lose Personal Information in Major Hacking Incident

Thousands of Arby’s Customers Lose Personal Information in Major Hacking Incident

Thousands of customers of Arby’s, a leading chain of restaurants, are feared to have lost their personal credentials to hackers.

According to multiple sources, an unknown number of the customers of the company, which may run into several thousand, lost their personal information after unidentified hackers accessed the database of the company.

It has been further reported that the company cannot verify the exact date on which the hacking occurred but that it only discovered that its database had been breached towards the end of the year and immediately notified the law enforcement authorities.

Other sources indicate that news about the breach started spreading after banks and credit card companies started contacting cyber security companies, inquiring whether the companies could verify that a data breach had occurred at Arby’s.

Arby’s has not fully disclosed the kind of information that the hackers made away with. More so, there are no incidents of the hackers offering the data for sale on the dark net. However, it is widely believed that the hackers managed to access and steal the email addresses of the thousands of the customers of the company.

It is also widely believed that the hackers stole the credit card numbers, official names and other personal identifying information of the customers of the restaurant chain.

However, the company has said that it managed to identify, locate and remove the malware immediately after the attack.

A spokesperson for the company said that they have taken all the necessary steps to safeguard the information of their customers.

‘We managed to successfully isolate and remove the malware from our systems immediately after the breach occurred,’ the spokesperson of the company said.

The company has issued a warning to its clients in the wake of revelations about the attack, asking its clients to change their passwords and other login information that they use to access the services of the company online.

The management of the restaurant has also asked its clients to check their credit cards to determine if there has been any unrecognised activity involving the cards.

The company has asked its customers who find out that their cards have been used in fraudulent transactions to inform the law enforcement agencies as well as their banks.

It remains to be seen how the restaurant chain will handle the effects of the hacking, given that the hackers got away with a lot of data and that they may be putting the data up for sale anytime soon.