Tool Putting the Private Lives of Congress Men Under Scrutiny Unveiled

Tool Putting the Private Lives of Congress Men Under Scrutiny Unveiled

The right to privacy of American citizens has never been as much a contentious issue as it currently is. The battle to regain some level of confidentiality has led to the creation of a retaliatory tool aimed at exposing the lives of American Congress men and women.

It is on record that large Organisations such as Verizon fought tooth and nail to have the right to cash in on the large customer base at their disposal. Customers on their own part were livid and wondered how to retaliate against the Lawmakers who had obviously betrayed their trust. an idea to purchase and make public their private information was muted.

This led to different cash raising campaigns on platforms like GoFundMe. Although these moves may be of good intent it should be noted however that they are illegal. It should be noted that the Act on Telecommunications prevents the sharing or sale of private information that can identify the customer.

What this means is that there is no place where you can buy the secret online information of your lawmaker, implying that you the new regulation does not really affect them. However a new tool has been created by a certain Matt Feld, who is the founder of quite a number non-profit organisations such as speak together, it is hoped that this tool will help the public get a sense of what their representatives are up to on the net.

Mr Feld who is a software engineer working in North Carolina, innovated Speak together to distribute projects that could be used to reduce the lack of clarity between the citizens and government officials., according to him the inspiration behind the idea was just wanting to get involved and finding the whole thing unclear.

This tool according to its build is to enable the administrators of these websites to monitor if government officials are checking out their websites. What this means is that if you use the tool you would be able to note if a government official is reading your blog. You might not be able to identify exactly who it is, but you should be able to trace the IP address to a particular location.

It has been likened to projects such as CongressEdits, a Twitter account that operates automatically by relaying tweets anytime a page of Wikipedia is edited from a Congress linked IP address. This tool also functions almost like Congress browsing, an idea that monitors when a government official checks into GovTrack, a website that monitors legislative debates.

Feld’s work, however, differs from both CongressEdits and GovTrack’s tool. This is because when it is completed it would be accessible by just about anyone. Furthermore, he intends to have a central database thus making it easier to know what these officials are up to.

Another unique thing about Speak Together is that it has the ability to differentiate private IP users from public users. This would help ascertain if it was a government official or a visitor that checked out your website. In summary, this tool was created to have an insight into what public officials are doing especially during work time, and also to retaliate against them for their perceived betrayal.