“Try It Now” The New Play Store Button That Will Let You Try Android Apps Without Installing

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In an effort to increase the appeal of the Play Store, Google has included many new features, one of which is the new ‘Try it now’ button, which allows the user to play a part of the app.

This great characteristic is now available through a “Try it now” button that appears in the Store listing. In addition to this, Google has released a list of applications that can use the Instant app, this list includes a series of apps such as NYT crossword puzzle, Onefootball, Red Bull TV, and finally the United Nation’s ShareTheMeal application.

Google has increased its involvement within the Android Instant app, an application that allows potential users to enjoy parts of any available app without the need of installation.

The instant app also gives the creators the ability to share out their Android apps from a small link that can be sent through a message, web browser or any social media, which in turn provides a middle-ground among the mobile web and native applications.

Expanding on this, mobile gamers can now play the Daily mini crossword puzzle, thanks to the use of the Crossword Puzzle Instant App from New York Times. This advertisement technique has demonstrated its efficiency according to the app developers who have claimed that the number of users since the implementation of Instant Apps has increased exponentially.

The Instant App Beta was officially released this year in January and was unveiled by Google at the 2017s Input/Output Technology Congress.

A big announcement was also made by Google regarding the cut it takes from application memberships through the Google Play Store, reducing the fee from thirty-percent to fifteen-percent once the subscriber has used the application for more than a year.

Google’s new fee arrangement concurs with the offer Apple unveiled in 2017 in an interview with The Verge, where Apple offered encouragement for app creators to change their structure from one time purchases to a long-term subscription model, while at the same time, reducing the incentive for subscription-based applications, like Spotify, to externally register users.

On this newly-found eve of Google involvement, the Company has included more characteristics for developers, one of which has the function of informing administrators when a subscription is canceled, and the power to restrict access to an app until a payment renewal issue is decided. On top of that, Google has enabled shorter, three days application trials that the Company guarantees are restricted to only one free trial per user.

Google is staunchly determined to give the users a better stay and has also carried out a “mínimum functionality” policy that bans apps which manifest too many problems on Android devices, in view of this, many users may now have a better time using any app from the Google Play Store.