Ukraine Accuses Russia of Global Cyber Attack

Hacker Breaches Russia's Visa Centre in the US, Exposes Data

After the last week’s ransomware attack that has hit Ukraine pretty badly, as well as the rest of the world, a guilty party was searched for with many efforts. Ukraine believes it to be Russia’s fault, and they are not shy about saying it.

According to SBU, their security service, the attack that started in Ukraine and then went on to the rest of the world was started by the same party responsible for the Ukrainian power grid attack in December of last year. Their statement says that much of available data points to the same hacking group that orchestrated the attacks on transport and energy facilities of Ukraine. Their financial system also got affected, and that methods of doing this involved the use of BlackEnergy and TeleBots.

For many, this is more than enough to consider Russia involved, if not completely guilty of the recent global attack. Another SBU’s statement says that they even have equipment that they confiscated from Russian agents. The equipment in question was supposed to be used for launching cyberattacks against Ukraine and other countries.

Kremlin has, of course, dismissed all of the accusations, and called them “unfounded blanket accusations”.

At the same time, numerous cyber security companies are trying to find their own proof about who was behind NotPetya virus. The attack shut down thousands of computers, affected numerous banks, and even stopped a chocolate factory in Australia.

Russian companies were also hit by the attack, which was enough for some to stop believing that Moscow was behind these attacks. Experts say that the plan was to make as much damage as possible to as many countries as possible, which can be seen by the software itself.

The software presented itself as ransomware, and it demanded payment. However, many believe this to be a disguise, especially since the payment couldn’t even be made because of the very bad system. The SBU is the same impression, which made them believe that it was just a mask. The real reason is believed to be the disruption of private and state companies in Ukraine. Perhaps the goal of the attack is even worse than that, and hackers wanted to try and cause political instability.

SBU says that the main purpose of the attack was to destroy data. Additionally, spreading the panic is also seen as a potential goal. Whatever the main reason for launching the attack, it is obvious that Ukraine was its main target, while the rest of the world is mostly collateral damage. At this point, everyone agrees that the ransomware-part is just a bad cover-up.

The relations between Russia and Ukraine have not been stable for years now, and both countries blame the other one for a lot of incidents. Russia is also constantly being accused of multiple cyber attacks, including the Ukraine’s voting system. They are also accused of hacking the voting system in the US.

The truth behind this and other attacks is hard to reach, and Russia has yet to provide their own answer to these allegations.