Unveiling The Latest Flying Car: A Peep Into The Future


The Paris Motor show kicks off with the unveiling of flying cars, yes flying cars! The event which is billed to kick-off today intends to offer Aviation fans the opportunity to see firsthand new innovations such as, Defence drones, private jets as well as the flying cars.

It would certainly be exciting to see Airbus and Boeing go head to head competing over the number of sales as different aircraft both new and old such as the F35A fighter jets making its grand entrance fly overhead showing off their skills.

However, the main centre of attraction would certainly be the flying cars; this is so because almost everyone dreams of having a car that doesn’t have to endure traffic, hence the flying cars would certainly be a centre of attraction at the show.

An early hint from a UK-based consortium of 5 companies based in Europe that work mainly on electric Aviation beginning from drones to aerial robotic platforms states.

The AirQuadOne is a new concept that seeks to carry passengers, although just a concept in its embryonic stage, you can certainly tell that it is laden with unlimited potentials. For one, it is built using white plastic and the rider is seen wearing a spandex suit.

In spite of the feeling of it been unrealistic by critics, the project has shown promise, especially with the fact that it uses four electric turbofans, the technology that has already been tested and proven on vehicles such as drones. Another exciting point is that it would weigh about 1,000 pounds, which is including about 330 pounds of the batteries and also 220 pounds for the Pilot.

It is projected that this Aircraft would get to up to 30 minutes flight time at about 50 miles per hour, this much was made known by Neva. As small as this may seem, it certainly is enough to transit from one point of the city to the other without being harassed by traffic, also quite uniquely, it takes off and lands vertically, also, it is a chargeable Battery same way as you charge an electric car.

However, in the long run, Neva hopes to add features such as a small engine to power the generator and extend the crafts reach, although, this addition and the fact of the fuel that would be consumed makes it extra heavy, and it should be noted that weight is the enemy of electric powered flights.

AirQuadOne is, however, the latest in a stream of flying cars that are suddenly been taken rather seriously by global brands. For instance, Airbus is involved with Vahana, and the Modular Pop Up. The co-founder of Google, Larry page’s Kitty Hawk is currently working on the Flyer project, elsewhere, Uber intends to launch its flying cars in Dubai within 3 years.

These innovations are not just some crazy ideas, Developments in battery technology means that greater levels of energy can now be put into smaller packages. New Innovations in materials also means that Designers can design light albeit strong structures from composite matter.

However not all these designs ever see the light of day, for instance, Germany’s Lilium is proposing a 200-mile range space car at a speed of 190miles per hour. That on its own is not plausible. The real challenge of this technology, however, is the rules and regulations of Aviation. Neva has come out to say that it is working hard to see that it is in tandem with exciting Aviation regulation rules by working with the relevant authorities.

Aviation expert feels this vision could be attained within the next five years, which should be enough time for you to wait for a public debut at spandex.