Update your iPhone ASAP so You Dont Get Hacked

Update your iPhone ASAP so You Dont Get Hacked

A new update has been presented to the users of iPhones by Apple, including a patch that fixes the vulnerability that could possibly allow hackers to take over your smartphone just by using Wi-Fi.

In case you own an iPhone, you are strongly recommended to update your phone as soon as possible.

A new operating system update has been put available by Apple, the iOS 10.3.3 which fixes major vulnerability issues in the software, including the ones that allow remote code execution on the device.

What this could do is enable a malicious actor to take control over your smartphone, all because of a bug in the Broadcom Wi-Fi chip.

This bug is what would let hackers gain complete control over your iPhone, giving them access to your data and features.

This bug is going under the name of CVE-2017-9417, and its first publication was in an Android security bulletin.

We are expecting the said bug to be the central topic of a BlackHat cybersecurity conference that is to be put later this month.

The chips that are affected by the bug are the ones under the names of BCM4354, 4358, and 4359 by Broadcom. These chips can be found in a wide range of popular smartphones like Samsung, Apple, Google and such.

Google has managed to patch this vulnerability, while it seems that the Android users will have to wait for this to happen for their devices a little longer since the update hasn’t yet been signed off and rolled out by the device manufacturer.

While Android users are waiting patiently, iPhone and iPad users can download the iOS version 10.3.3 right now. As Apple stated, this version of the software includes bug fixes and security improvements for your devices.

In order to update your device, follow the steps of going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Later this year, a number of new emojis should be included in the new update. Apple previewed the emojis that include a woman with a headscarf, a bearded person, and a breastfeeding woman. There will also be new food emojis such as a sandwich and a coconut, as well as new animals and mythical creatures T-Rex, Zebra, Zombie, and Elf. The latest addition will be a new star-struck smiley face and an exploding head smiley.