Updates from CES: 4 Personal Robots that Stole the Show

4 Personal Robots that Stole the Show

The CES 2017 has been taken by a storm following the demonstrations of small and personalised robots that experts believe may just be the Next Big Thing in robotics. While the world has been waiting for perfect life-sized humanoid robots that can perform the most complicated tasks within an industrial setting, it appears that developers and designers have been secretly working on developing a slew of highly cute and miniature robots for home use – so to speak.

And unlike their large industrial counterparts, personal robots are small and quite friendly, according to the reaction of observers and admirers who managed to watch the demos.

Here are some of the personal robots that were on display at the show last week:


This is a new type of personal robot that has been created by UBTech, a leading Chinese robotics company. One of the defining characteristics of Lynx is that it has the Alexa personal assistant from Amazon equipped in it. Because of Alexa, Lynx can carry out many Amazon-related functions.

For example, the little personal robot can successfully order for products on Amazon. Also, the little robot can easily manage your simple tasks and even play music at your behest. This is one of the new devices that have voice assistance capabilities. Moreover, it can do yoga and many other things that you ask it to do.


A company called Avatarmind is the force behind this new type of personal robot. iPal can do some things, the most important ones being telling stories, chatting in videos and even dancing. The future of iPal as a personal robot was described in an article published earlier in last year in which it was reported that the tiny robot could keep up to 80% of children fully occupied for hours.

It was said that the personal robot could accurately read the emotions of people and provide answers to simple questions, thus making it one of the most promising personal robots that were exhibited at the CES.


Kuri, a small robot created by a company called Mayfield Robotics in association with Pixar, can be the perfect robot for the home. The small thing can do several things at home, including greeting visitors and monitoring all manner of things that are taking place in a home.

The thing can also tell stories, take videos and entertain children. And, as if this is not enough, Kuri can accurately read the emotions of the people who are around it, thus making it one of the most advanced personal robots that were displayed at the CES.


Lastly, Pudding was designed and created by Roobo, a famous robotics company that has also created some other promising personal robots. Pudding works as an excellent companion and helper to children and adults within the home setting. The small robot can not only read the emotions of people but also accurately help children to learn.

It appears that the new robots that built to carry out all manner of simple tasks. The results of the demos showed that some of the robots could do mundane things like tell your mood to carrying out important tasks like teaching kids how to write code.