Users discover that Facebook logged their calls and SMS texts as they delete their accounts

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#DeleteFacebook continues to trend. The trend saw tech billionaire, Elon Musk delete the Facebook related pages of Tesla and SpaceX. The fallout comes after Facebook revealed they had given out data of over 50 million accounts to third party entities.

The fallout from the Cambridge Analytica saga continues, and users are finding out disturbing information. After the saga, a trend was started to delete Facebook and it seems the trend is not close to stopping anytime soon.

Which data was taken?

Users are discovering that Facebook might be holding more information than they claim they have. Some of the information that the social media giant has includes the whole incoming and outgoing call log of people. The list also includes SMS messages made to contacts in the phone. The revelation of the new data has led people to delete Facebook without any remorse. The #deletefacebook challenge seems like will just grow on and on after this.

Facebook has always tried to stop people from deleting their accounts and instead wills them to choose the deactivate option. This at least helps the company keep the data of the user even when they don’t log in. However, after choosing the delete option, the site gives an option to download an info copy from Facebook. It is through this copy that shows how much data Facebook truly has in their hands. The list is said to be shocking even for a company that no one trusted in the first place.

One of the users who deleted their Facebook account, Dylan McKay, showed that between October 2016 and July 2017, the data he had showed all the calls he had made. The data also showed text message metadata both received and sent. Many users complained of seeing data such as contact names and calendar appointments. They also saw their friends birthdays in the data log.

Is Facebook to blame?

A Facebook spokesperson noted in a statement that the job of most apps was to connect people and make it easy to connect. So it’s usually customary to have your contacts uploaded to the app the first time you use an app. The spokesperson added that the option of contact upload was voluntary. The apps expressly indicate and ask whether you want to add your contacts or not. All this information is made available on the apps, the spokesperson said. The spokesperson noted that anyone could delete any information previously loaded and could also download it from the Download Your Information tool.

Facebook itself asks people to provide their information so as to better connect them. Address books can be used for finding friends on the social media platform. It also helps to prioritize content through the algorithm. Messenger also requests such information for similar purposes.

The company noted that users could stop the constant upload of contacts by simply turning off the feature on the Messenger app. Permanent removal of a Facebook account also results in the total removal of previously uploaded contacts.