Wave of the Future: McDonald’s Replacing 2500 Human Cashiers with Robots

mcdonalds kiosks

In case you’re not familiar with what’s going on in the world, well, the trend is toward automation and all things digital. Also, if you were thinking that a government enforced minimal wage would help you in the long run, well, you were dead wrong. Capitalism works in a beautiful way when it comes to exposing the disfunctionalities of socialism and governmental welfare and today’s news story about McDonalds should make a lot of Bernie voters change their minds about government intervention in the economy (again, I am referring to minimum wage laws).

The thing is, the stock market really loves McDonald’s stock, which is continuing its relentless rise to historic all-time highs, despite the complete carnage witnessed by many others in the fast food/restaurant sector. And that’s due to the company’s very out of the box thinking. Following the recent talks about a future raise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour, McDonald’s response was: you know what, we’ll forget about human laborers, because robots are cheaper (and way more efficient) than that.

And they decided to replace 2500 human workers with robots, also known as digital kiosks. The digital kiosks will replace human cashiers in (at least, nota bene) 2500 McDonald’s restaurants by the end of the current year, with 3000 more to come in 2018. And that’s due to the fact that technology is much cheaper than government imposed salaries.

Considering what the future brings, i.e machines which are (already) capable of planting/harvesting food, plowing fields, autonomously transporting stuff (including food) and so on and so forth, that crazy idea about an universal basic income doesn’t sound so far fetched now, does it? The thing is, eventually, working humans (most of them) will be out of every aspect of almost every job.

Here’s what can be best described as the next endangered species:

mcdonalds workers