Whole Foods Scammed as All the Customer Payment Card Details are Stolen

Whole Foods Scammed as All the Customer Payment Card Details are Stolen

Everybody seems to be in shock as Whole Foods, one of the major US food chains have suffered data leakage (breach).

Whole Foods Company, one of the major US food chains has been recently acquired by Amazon; the technology giant that saw the opportunity to grow even bigger via this company. But they are not the only ones that saw the opportunity to rise there. Many cybercriminals have gained access to credit card data of all the customers that purchased anything with their credit card in one of the restaurants of this company.

On 28th September, this company said that they had received, unauthorized access to payment card information that is located in some taprooms and restaurants. As the company says, the hackers target is the point-of-sale system, which means that primary store checkout systems, as well as payment cards used at those locations, are not affected at all, because they are using somewhat different kind of system in opposite to the ones that were affected.

As this is a huge impact to the company and their customers, they had contacted cybersecurity experts immediately to try and investigate where the problematic bit was. They wanted to know what exactly made the hackers realize that they can use this kind of loophole to get all the data from the customers. Of course, law enforcement and police are working on this case to try and get more information for the public. Updates will be published slowly, as the investigation is ongoing and continued.

Whole Foods decided that they do not want the talk about the affected customers, at which locations the breach happened, how was it done and how many people were damaged in this process. But for the information, there are more than 40 stores that sell tap beer. It is a waiting game now to see how the company will react because this is a critical part of their company career because this could be a game changer for them.

What is known so far is that the in-store taprooms and restaurants have different payment systems than earlier mentioned check-out counters, so there may be some hope that everything is not as bad as it looks. Also, one positive thing is that the Amazon.com systems do not connect to these payment systems, so the Amazon is not affected at all by this huge scam project.

This has come just after the American burger chain Sonic Drive-In lost their customer info and millions of credit cards, and accounts were put up on the Dark Web with prices varying from 25 to 50 dollars per piece. The Whole Foods breach is the latest one that happened, so the team of experts is familiar with these kinds of scams. Earlier, in 2016, Wendy’s admitted that the same thing occurred in their restaurants, which they have more than 1000, so the whole system was infected. Also, another example is the Mexican fast food Chipotle, where this scam occurred between 24th of March and 16th of April this year.