WikiLeaks: Just One Percent of CIA Docs Leaked, More to Come


According to a Wednesday tweet via WikiLeaks’ official Twitter account, the Vault 7/Year Zero data dump released yesterday makes for less than 1% of the “intel treasure”.



The anti secrecy organization led by Julian Assange has already mentioned that there will be a (multiple) sequel to Vault 7, a series of releases of sorts until the entire cache of hacked CIA files will be revealed to the American public in all its splendor.

The same modus operandi was used by WikiLeaks last year when they published in a very dramatic timeline a series of stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, the former Hillary Clinton campaign manager.

The latest WikiLeaks data dump from Tuesday presents a huge CIA covert global hacking operation, explaining in detail how the agency is perfectly capable of hacking everything that runs code, whether is Android, iOS or Windows, ranging from smartphones to home appliances (internet of things connected devices) which can be turned into covers mics used for spying at their owners.

WikiLeaks claims that it obtained the intel cache after the CIA lost control of the respective documents as they were starting circulating among a network of former contractors and US government hackers.

Obviously, one of them (over 5000) leaked the docs to WikiLeaks and the rest is history (in the making). It is estimated that the document dump will have an even bigger impact than 2013’s NSA leaks courtesy of Edward Snowden, who revealed the extend of NSA’s global surveillance program.

Law enforcement and US intelligence officials said earlier on Wednesday that the WikiLeaks docs are the real deal, and that they’ve been aware of a security breach at the CIA since last year, basically confirming WikiLeaks’ story.

Source: Reuters

Photo: Reuters