WWE Star Paige’s Private and Explicit Videos Leaked Online

Paige admits that hacking experience was emotionally traumatizing and she was stressed for some time.

WWE Star Paige’s Private and Explicit Videos Leaked Online

WWE star, Paige, has been targeted again by hackers who released her private and explicit photos, and in the process vowed to release even more. The wrestler was also targeted last month by hackers who released pictures and explicit sexual photos again. Last month’s hacking incident also included some of her chats with Xavier Woods.

In their latest reveal, the hackers also showed some videos which are said to show some of her most private moments. The hackers continued in their vow of releasing more and more of her pictures and videos soon. In a brag post, the hackers wrote that they were finally in possession of the full collection of Paige’s videos and they were leaking them online. The videos were published on one notorious gossip site. Unfortunately, we can’t report the name of the celebrity gossip site over privacy concerns. The authenticity of the videos and photos that were released by the firm could not be verified.

Paige recently announced that she was going back to WWE, after her hiatus. There is no clear indication whether the new leaks are in any way connected to the Celebgate hackers or the Fappening hackers. The Celebgate hackers are most famous for hacking into the celebrity’s iCloud and Gmail accounts and stealing their private photos. Over the past year, three of the hackers have been arrested as the police do a round-up of all of them. The Celebgate scandal involved famous people such as Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence. The reality star, Kim Kardashian, model Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst were also implicated. These people were also affected in the Fappening hack of 2014.

This is not the first time that WWE is being affected by a hacking incident. In November, hackers released private and explicit photos of WWE Divas, Maria Kanellis and JoJo. The hackers struck again in December when they released pictures of Kanellis a second time. Kanellis is currently pregnant and not involved in WWE work at the moment.

The hacking incident comes at a time Paige has disclosed her traumatic experience of having photos and explicit pictures leaked online. She said in her interview that after the incident, she stopped eating and she wasn’t sleeping and as a result lost all of her hair. She was so stressed until she changed and started wearing clippings for hair. She could not understand why someone would do that to anyone and admitted that the experience broke her heart.

Hacking incidents are prevalent in the world and sooner or later, governments will have to tackle them. It is not only restricted to celebrities having their pictures and private moments put online, but other institutions and industries are also vulnerable.