Yes! Food Delivery Robots are Coming!

Yes! Food Delivery Robots are Coming!

We have always said robots will take our jobs. The funny thing is that we have been saying this with a smile while thinking this will occur when we are already old and gray. Sorry, the robotic revolution is already here with us. And it is telling the food delivery guy to get out of the way.

The Yelp/Eat24 delivery robot says it all. Seen in flesh on Friday in the Mission District in San Francisco, the robot seems to be ready to bring you your next delivery. It can be controlled autonomously and has all the bells and whistles of a futuristic robot.

It seemed, however, to be a simple case of baby’s day out and it didn’t appear to be delivering a pizza to a starving teen. Rather, it the by two photographers taking pictures of it as it went about its first baby steps. It did a beautiful crossing of Valencia Street to the other side as the photographers snapped away happily. Yes! It is the future.

Its level of autonomy was also limited given that was closely being followed by a lady with a PlayStation controller who directed its movements. While such was the case, don’t expect it to arrive at your door with two photographers and a smiling lady with a PlayStation controller. It will go out purely on its own to make the deliveries. This one was already fitted with cameras, LiDAR and other equipment that would make it autonomous. Expect the final version to have all of that and more.

As expected, Yelp could not be reached for a comment on the little robot and what its plans are with it. However, given that it already has a branding of Yelp/Eat24, we are clever enough to know that it is meant to replace the human deliverymen of the Yelp/Eat24 army.

The creators of the Robot must have been Lemnos Labs’ Marble. Marble is a robotics firm whose employees used to ply their trade at tech giants like Apple and Google. This is a robotics firm to watch out for as it seems ready to bring us some of the most sophisticated robots to take over our jobs. Looking at its list of backers, you can see names of repute such as Amplify Partners, Maven Ventures, SV Angel, S2 Capital, Promus Ventures, Lee Linden of Tapjoy, Kyle Vogt of Cruise, Matt Brezina of Sincerely, and Greg Brockman of OpenAI. When reached out for comment, Marble too was quiet.

The push for autonomy has been seen on various fronts from such simple robots to drones and other areas. While Yelp is testing out a food delivery bot, other firms are testing out drones to deliver items directly to their customers all across the United States. With some cars already having gained the ability to drive themselves for hundreds of miles (hello Tesla), one can only expect that such a robot by Yelp will take but a few months to start making actual deliveries.