Yik Yak Now Banks on Hive, a New College-Focused App, for its Success

Yik Yak Now Banks on Hive, a New College-Focused App, for its Success

Yik Yak, the messaging app that failed to pick up after getting more than $73.5 million in financing, is back with a new app that is focused on college students.

According to sources, Yik Yak is behind Hive, a new messaging app recently released.

Hive carries all the hallmarks of a Yik Yak project, with the two earlier founders of Yik Yak, Richard Guy and Brooks Buffington featuring prominently.

Richard Guy was the creative force at Yik Yak, helping to make critical developments to the mobile app at the time of its operation.

It appears that the Hive is focused on building its success on the college students’ demographics. The app lets college students communicate with each other when on Campus.

The app allows users to access various channels that resemble chat rooms. The channels are based on the majors or classes or any other attribute that can be used to describe a small group of college students.

Users can access the conversations in any chat room they fancy.

Apart from the chat rooms or channels, Hive allows users to access other individuals via private messaging. Thus users can chat with others privately while on the platform, amidst accessing the multiple messages that make up the conversations in the many channels of the platform.

The design of the app allows users to access their channels very easily. The channels are stored in the form of stacks and users can draw out any stack they need to access at any time.

Currently, users of Hive have to sign up for the service using their .edu email addresses. This means that non-students cannot sign up for the service easily.

It has been pointed out that the strategy that Hive is using is similar to what Facebook used during its early days. At the time of its inception, Facebook required that users sign up for the service. Originally, Facebook restricted users to top universities in the country. However, dramatic growth in the number of signups helped the company to achieve growth within a short period. Currently, Facebook has a special student-focused feature in operation.

It is not clear whether Hive will achieve commercial success soon. Currently, the app is only available to college students at Furman University in South Carolina, the alma mater of the two founders of Yik Yak.

So far, Yik Yak has remained silent about the future plans for Hive. It is, however, expected that the company will invest a considerable amount of its resources to the app, banking its rebound on the performance of the app.