Zomato Breached – Millions of users have had their Details Stolen

Zomato Breached - Millions of users have had their Details Stolen

Zomato, a well-known restaurant guide that can be found online has said that their privacy as recently breached. This breach resulted in more than 17 million stolen records that could be tied back to Zomato’s users. Hackers that are responsible for the security breach have already offered to sell the data stolen from customer database on the dark web.

As it was discovered, the information stolen from Zomato is currently being sold, and the hacker demands $1,000, which is around £770 for it. The info is being offered on a darknet marketplace, that can’t be accessed by regularly used search engines, like Yahoo or Google. A blog post left by Zomato states that it was their own security team that has discovered the breach and that 17 million records are currently considered stolen.

The stolen data includes hashed passwords, as well as users’ emails, according to the company. Fortunately, the hashed passwords have an encryption, and it would take a lot of computing power to discover what the original password was, and even then, it would be difficult. This is why many believe that the passwords are still unknown, despite the fact that they have been stolen.

On the other hand, it’s also believed that the encryption in question is old and outdated, and not as secure as it’s believed to be. Researchers have even described one of the algorithms that are used (MD5) as ‘severely compromised’. Even the hackers that are selling the info themselves have said that it was MD5 that Zomato has used, which might indicate that they’ve managed to crack the encryption after all.

Zomato is known to operate in 23 countries at the moment, which includes the UK. They’ve released a security notice, in which they advise their users to immediately change their passwords on any other website in which they used these same credentials. Zomato itself has taken steps and reset all of the existing users’ passwords, and even went as far as to log them out of both the website and the app.

Luckily, the credit card data, as well as other payment info is being stored in a separate place, so that this information was not compromised.

For now, it’s believed that one of the employee’s account in development was somehow compromised by the hackers. In order to deal with this sort of problems, and prevent them in the future, additional layers of security are currently being added to everyone with access to the data of Zomato’s users.