Zume Pizza Gets A Robot – This Is What The Workplace Of The Future Looks Like

Interesting news came from a startup from San Francisco Bay Area named Zume Pizza. This food delivery startup has decided to extend their reach, and open up a new location in the Silicon Valley. The even more interesting thing is the fact that they are doing so with the help of robots.

The company says that they have pioneered a new robot-assisted technique and that it only takes nine seconds to press pizza into a perfect circle. This method will improve efficiency, and take the heat off of the human workers.

The point here is to replace humans on boring and dangerous jobs, and instead, make robots do them. The robot in question is named Doughbot, and it will be the first one on Zume’s assembly line. The job it does is up to five times faster than pizza-making professionals, which is bound to speed things up.

Granted, this all does sound a bit too much, which is why the context is necessary. The company was founded on two concepts. One is on-route cooking, while the other is robotic automation. The robotic part is understandable. Multiple robots will be masters of their own tasks, and when the assembly line is complete, pizzas will be flying out of it, always the same, always perfectly made.

The robots will be a part of the facility, and they will work in unison with human workers in this assembly line. Also, Zune is not the first who is fusing cooking and technology. Many other automated startups are appearing in the Bay Area. Eatsa is one of them, and it has multiple locations in California. Their food is healthy and cheap, and because of it, they made the headlines several times.

However, robots are only one aspect of Zume’s business. The company’s primary idea is cooking on the route. The idea is to cook within delivery vehicles that are the size of FedEx trucks. They are filled with dozens of pizza ovens and can reheat hundreds of pizzas. Whenever someone orders one, it can arrive fresh and steaming hot in under 20 minutes.

Through the use of predictive technology. Zume will try to guess how many pizzas are going to be ordered that day and make them early in the morning. The pizzas will then be loaded into trucks, and whenever someone orders one, the truck will be on its way.

Multiple factors like the time of day, the day of the week, sports events and alike will all be taken into consideration while the calculations are made. And if the demands get too high, the trucks will stop, and instead smaller vehicles like scooters will spread out and deliver the pizzas.

The ultimate result is a perfectly made fresh pizza every time, all for a reasonable price. It is expected to cost around $10 to $20 per pizza, and over 60 ingredients will be gluten-free, and vegetarian. Orders will be placed via mobile, or website. There will be no store, but instead only a delivery. Robots will help with efficiency, and the fact that the company won’t use a store will cut down on the expenses.

Around 115 workers will be required, all of which will have health insurance and similar benefits. However, the full automation and delivery of food is not the goal here. The goal is to be creative and make the best possible service along the way.

This all sounds pretty dreamy in theory, but there are still a lot of things that Zume will have to find a way to deal with when this practice starts. And despite the fact that they don’t aim for complete automation, anything can happen in the five-year time. For example, we actually know that self-driving cars are coming, and who can say what else is on the way.

Still, Zume doesn’t scare away from using humans instead of full automation, and the main goal was sparing people from doing tedious and dangerous tasks. And this way, everyone will get access to affordable, but still high-quality food, which is the perfect way to fuse technology and cooking.