10 Strange Museums You Have to See to Believe

We’re used to seeing museums that are dedicated to art, history, weapons  and people. We’ve visited them when we were young and we’ve brought our children to see them, hoping that they leave with some bit of information that they didn’t have before they entered.

The museums on this list however, are not safe for children to enter and might not even be safe for some adults. They include sex museums, toilet museums and an entire building dedicated to animal phalluses. If you’re in disbelief, just keep reading.


*Pictured above is the Avanos Hair Museum. The hair displayed belongs to all the female visitors of the museum.

Some notable mentions which didn’t make the list include:

  1. The Avanos Hair Museum
  2. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
  3. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
  4.  The Garbage Museum
  5. The Museum of the Weird