A Few Fascinating Global Destinations You May Want To Visit In The New Year

A Few Fascinating Global Destinations

Surging dollar and falling airfare provide are a boon for American travelers in 2017. But which destinations are great to visit in the new year?

You may be interested in these four attractive and affordable destinations for your leisure travel in 2017:

Greece’s island of Crete is a beauty tucked away

Crete, a Greece island, is a great destination for foodie tourists. Besides the island’s natural beauty, fresh delicacies will blow your mind as it is a place where farm-to-table is a way of life. By visiting Crete, you may find out how people on this island manage to live for more than 100 years.

The stronger dollar against the embattled euro further means U.S. travelers enjoy greater purchasing power in Greece, which should add to the appeal of visiting Crete.

Authentic dishes and low-cost destination will draw you to Mazatlan in Mexico

Mazatlan, in Mexico’s Sinaloa state, is a low-cost travel destination that 2017 travelers may want to consider. Besides the wide variety and authentic, fresh cheap dishes prices in Mazatlan, the soaring dollar against the Mexican peso means the purchasing power of dollar holders is greatly enhanced.

For $100, you can get a perfect food and accommodation package for a family of four in many Mazatlan hotels.

South Africa offers tourists every value for their dollar

Leisure travel to South African in 2017 has been made more attractive with the favorable dollar-to-rand exchange rate because a buck now gets you more. Food and accommodation in South Africa is cheap, partly because of the favorable exchange rates and partly because many restaurants serve locally produced foods. For a night at a luxury New York hotel that would set you back $786, a similar experience in South Africa would only subtract $266 from your wallet.

The variety of foods and hotels to choose from is also a major win. Being a developed tourist destination, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure when you are traveling for leisure in South Africa. Perhaps what you should keep in mind is that you should book your flight in advance, because it is common for flights to South Africa run out as more tourists from the U.S. flock to the country to enjoy a great time.

Chile’s lakeside town Puerto Varas is a charming beauty

Chile is a great and affordable destination for US travelers. Its lakeside town of Puerto Varas is a charming beauty. From wine bars to authentic foods to low-cost accommodation, Puerto Varas offers everything a tourist to Chile may want to sample in the South American destination. Besides affordable, delicious foods and accommodation, renting a car to explore the two is also cheap and convenient, allowing you to save time and money.

And you can’t run out of destinations to explore in Chile. There are multiple attractions from waterfalls to volcanoes.