The 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean

The Caribbean. Islands of the sea, sand and sun. Homes of the most laid back and relaxing lifestyles one could dream of. Tiny nations with beautiful beaches, amazing people and the best rum punch you’ll ever taste. Of course I would know; I’m from the Caribbean.

If you’ve read any of my articles, you’d know that I’ve never used the word “I” in any of them prior to this, but because this is so personal to me, I’ll make an exception. You see, I grew up where so many people choose to get married and vacation. I was blessed enough to grow up near a beach, have a grand father who’s a fisherman (fresh seafood every day) and be surrounded by the culture that so many foreigners love. And I may have taken it for granted occasionally, but I am extremely proud to be from such a beautiful place.

Now although the Caribbean is seen as a singular group of countries, the islands are so different and special in their own ways. We speak different languages, have different customs and are known for different kinds of things.

It is indeed very difficult to choose only ten countries because we’re all beautiful in our own way, but alas, I have to. Do you think that you can guess which one I’m from?