The Top 10 Things to do in the Big Easy

New Orleans like you should see it

You may have heard it be dubbed ‘The Crescent City’, by simple inspiration of the shape of the Mississippi River running through the town, but this place is officially known as New Orleans; the birthplace of Jazz. For a City so well known and so full of history and charm, it’s no wonder that you are hoping to spend your vacation there.

Your curiosity has brought you here and I am pleased to proffer; “The Best Travel Agent at your service!”. We tell you where is hot and where is not. Trust our well informed group which keeps all of our information up to date and let us help guide you to the best spots and steer you in the most fascinating places in New Orleans.

Here are the top ten things to do in New Orleans.

  1. City Park

If you’re like most persons, you probably have a travel buddy. If you’ve brought your entire family with you, here is the perfect place to visit. It definitely has something for everybody. Train rides are offered daily, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Persons of all ages could hop unto the antique carousel! If the amusement park theme is not to your liking, then you can work out, play sports, golf on an 18 hole golf course or simply enjoy the flora and the atmosphere.


     2. Spotted Cat Music Club

Head on down to 623 Frenchmen Street, because this is where the lights don’t go out till it’s 2 am. If you love an array of live music, you are sure to hear some wonderful selections of Jazz, Latin and Blues. Cherry on top: The eats and drinks are inexpensive. Enjoy the intimate setting with many other music lovers like yourself.

  1. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

This place reeks with history. Having survived fires of the late 18th century, this place has much to tell. The places was apparently frequently visited by pirates; including the Lafitte brothers. Take a stroll down Bourbon street and be charmed by this piano music-filled bar.


  1. Commander’s Palace

Step into a century’s old restaurant and feel free to be treated as royalty. Come dressed in business attire, pockets full and stomach empty. If the teal painted, chandelier- hung restaurant does not entice you maybe an offer of sipping three 25 cents martinis at lunch time, under chandeliers. The food options are creole and Louisiana inspired and you can enjoy an assortment of artisanal cheese.


  1. French Quarter

The neighborhood is known as ‘Vieux Carre’ and many of the streets are still named in French. The cobblestone streets will lead you to an encounter of talented artists.You will meet street performers, ie; dancers, mime artists, musicians etc. This is the street where excitement does not stop.


  1. St Roch Market

Beware: It is not a farmer’s market! The “market” is located on 2381 St. Claude Ave. It is a southern food hall with lots of vendors, ready to incite your taste buds.If it gets too stuffy, you can always have a seat outdoors. You’re going to get great Mexican food, awesome bars, bakeries, coffee vendors and smoothie bars. Anywhere that allows you to bring your own wine if you feel like it, is great in my books.

  1. New Orleans Museum of Art

It opened with just nine pieces, but now it has acquired almost 40, 000 works of art. It has a wide collection of Japanese, European, French and African art. NOMA has managed to capture beauty on the inside, but it is also surrounded by a wonderful scenery. There is a sculpture garden tour which is, believe it or not, free!


  1. St Louis Cathedral

This building has been filmed in many movies and Tv shows. The structure that you now see is a remake of the building which was burnt in 1794 fire. It is both a cultural and architectural treasure. It is free. Go see the magnificence of the building, enjoy the services that are still held there and the concerts the it hosts ever so often.


  1. Fair Grounds Race Course

It’s also known as New Orleans Fair Grounds. The thoroughbred race track is a combination of a race track and a casino. The stakes are high, but they just might be worth it. Good rice and beans, cheap tickets. I mean, what more could you possibly want. Amongst other events, the Jazz fest is hosted there from the end of April to the first weekend of May.


  1. Swamp Tours

What is a trip without some education. Learn more about how this route assisted with development of communication and transport. Learn about the swamps ecology and wildlife. The mixture of salt and fresh water provides a unique home to many types of water species like crawfish.


You can surf the web and find tons of New Orleans Vlogs and pretend that you’ve travelled the world whilst you sit at your desk and zoom in and out of google map, but you will not have the experience of being completely consumed by all that New Orleans has to offer. So book a flight, come experience everything that this city has to offer. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new adventure that’s worthy of expanding our list.