Three Cities in Europe You Must Visit

Europe has everything to offer to a demanding tourist, rich culture, good cuisine, splendid architecture and history at every step. Many European cities are among the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

We present you with three lesser-known cities in Europe you must visit.


When somebody mentions Italy, our first pick would always be cities like Rome, Venice and Naples. The fact is, Italy has a lot more to offer, and Milan is certainly one of the Italian cities that is worth visiting. Its rich history stretches back to Ancient times, when it was known as Mediolanum. Today, Milan is one of the richest and most cosmopolitan Italian cities. It is the home to one of the oldest and most famous opera houses in the world – the iconic Scala.

Among its other iconic landmarks is the 14th century Gothic Cathedral, which the Milanese call Il Duomo. It is listed among the world’s largest church buildings.

Next to it is the the Gothic Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, famous for holding one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings, The Last Supper.

Milan is also a city of high fashion, art, as well as a major business center of Italy and the EU. One thing is certain, visiting Milan won’t leave you disappointed.


The capital of Hungary, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe, rivaling Vienna and Prague. Situated on the Danube, it is a sprawling metropolis of two million people. The city is proud of its rich and turbulent history. Budapest was the capital of Kingdom of Hungary within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and once it consisted of two cities on the banks of the Danube – Buda and Pest.

There are many historic sites to visit in Budapest, and it is hard to pick only a few. Among the many landmarks of Budapest, you will definitively want to see the monumental Castle Hill, overlooking the Danube, where the famous Parliament Building is located.

You will also want to walk across the city’s iconic Chain Bridge, one of many on the Danube, and visit the city Woodland Park and Heroes’ Square.


Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain, and the Capital of Andalusia. Known for its vibrant history, Seville is an enchanting city and a monument to cultural diversity. In the Middle Ages, it was ruled by powerful and rich Moorish Caliphates, until it became the part of the emerging Kingdom of Castille, and later united Spain.

Seville is a proud home of the synonymous 12th century cathedral, known as Catedral de Sevilla, the largest Gothic cathedral in the Christian world.

Grand and enchanting, Real Alcázar – the Alcazar Palace, an architectural wonder and a reminder of Seville’s rich past. Build in the 10th century, it served as a fortress for the rulers of the Almohad Caliphate, it was later turned into a palace for Christian rulers of Castille.

The magic of Seville does not end in the opulent gardens of the Alcazar. Seville is also a city of museums and festivals, and a challenge for your senses. With each step you take, the Jewel of Andalusia will leave you breathless.