Top 10 Most Outrageous Laws In The World

You’d probably never think that you were breaking the law by chewing gum or playing pinball, but in certain countries these actions could get you arrested. Even though laws were created to bring order among people, you have to start questioning it when you see that you could go to jail for cheating on a high-school exam or get fined for being fat.

It’s Illegal to Feed Pigeons in Venice

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Venice is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, with more than 30 million visitors annually. However, not a lot of tourists know that it’s actually illegal to feed pigeons in this city. This law was made active in 2008, in order to help preserve the city. If you give birdseed to pigeons, make sure you know that you’ll most likely have to pay a fine of $56.

Kissing in Public is Illegal in Dubai

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Dubai probably shouldn’t be on your shortlist of honeymoon destinations, primarily because you won’t be able to show signs of affection to your partner when you’re in public. This means that you won’t even be able to kiss your partner while lying on the beach during a romantic night.

It’s Illegal to Wrestle Bears in Alabama

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You shouldn’t visit Alabama if you want to wrestle bears. It may be hard to believe, but bear wrestling used to be a really popular hobby in this country before this law.

Eating in a Place That’s on Fire is Illegal in Chicago

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Yes, this is actually a real law! Even though Chicago is known for excellent pizza, you’ll have to resist the urge to eat it if you’re in a restaurant that’s on fire.

It’s Illegal to be Fat in Japan

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Despite the fact that the Japanese government had good intentions when they introduced this law, you have to admit that it’s pretty unusual. Considering that only 3% of Japan’s population is obese, it looks like this law is a good thing. Note that it only affects people aged between 40 and 75.

Kids Can Go to Jail for Cheating on Their Finals in Bangladesh

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Up until you turn 15, you’re able to cheat on your exams without going to jail in this country. However, older kids will face a lot of problems if they cheat on their finals. Even though it’s totally normal to punish cheaters and not allow them to enter a good university, putting them in jail is taking it too far.

Pinball is Illegal for Minors in South Carolina

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Now here’s a law that makes absolutely no sense. Why wouldn’t minors be allowed to play a simple game? To make things worse, you’re also committing a crime if you’re a parent and you willingly let your kid play pinball. Despite the fact that no police officers pay attention to this law, it is still in the books.

It’s Illegal to Step on Money in Thailand

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Be sure to avoid stepping on coins or banknotes on the streets of Thailand. It’s considered extremely disrespectful to step on Thai money because it features the portrait of either the king of Thailand or one of his relatives.

Reincarnation is Illegal in China

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The Chinese government decided to forbid Tibetian monks from reincarnating back in 2007. This law not only forbids the practice of reincarnation, but it also makes it illegal for reincarnation to be taught at Tibetan schools. This is without a doubt one of the most preposterous acts of totalitarianism the world has ever seen.

Dying is Illegal in a Small Town in Norway

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This town is known as Longyearbyen, and is actually the northernmost settlement with more than 1,000 citizens. Dying has been illegal in Longyearbyen for over 70 years. It was introduced after people started finding out that bodies can’t decompose in their town due to permafrost.