Top Travel Books For Serious Wanderlust This Christmas

Holidays can become boring when one is stuck in a long bus, train or plane rides, without much to do other than staring at other passengers or sceneries through tiny windows. Nothing can alleviate much of the boredom other than some of the best travel books, known to provide insight to some unique travel destinations all over the world.

Just like films, most travel books try to animate the joy of watching the sunrise in a new place while depicting the act of exploration, asking questions and making some of the dumbest decisions in new places. A top travel book will always give an unforgettable sense of a place, be it a small patch of ground or an entire continent.

Here are some of the must-read travel books that anyone looking to explore exciting sceneries and landscapes must have in their libraries.

On The Road

Nothing beats On The Road when it comes to depicting real life experience while traveling across America in the years after the Second World War. This is a classic timeless travel novel that highlights the main character’s experiences with jazz, poetry, and drugs while traversing, New York San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Between the Sunset and The Sea

Between Sunset and the Sea is a travel novel dedicated to people who love what mountains have to offer in terms of scenery and hiking experience. Having climbed 16 mountains himself, the writer, Simon Ingram provides a firsthand experience of the science, terror, and art that comes with mountain climbing in a poetic way. The novel is sure to provide clear explanations of why mountains continue to dominate human imaginations always evoking all sorts of emotions.

The Alchemist

The plot in this top travel book further justifies why it is the most read book in recent history.  The story line is of a young boy who follows his dream of moving from Egypt to Spain sure to provide the true meaning of appreciating and leaving life to the fullest. Wonderful and inspirational quotes cannot get any better with The Alchemist at hand. This is a great book not only for travelers but also for people who love dreaming.


Depart is unique in its own way compared to other travel books given that it strives to provide firsthand experience of unique travel destinations through photos. This travel novel is sure to arouse all sorts of emotions for people who love traveling to new places given that it comes with 300 photographs from more than four destinations, curated by some of the most experienced photographers.

The Geography of Bliss

Written by Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss tries to unravel some of the happiest places on earth. The writer takes the reader to some of the unhappiest places on earth from Iceland to Qatar, Denmark, India and Even Moldavia just to demystify the adage, what a happy life entails. While trying to find what makes people from different parts of the world happy, the writer can be seen interacting with locals with different cultural experiences, providing unique experiences and lessons from all over the world.