6.7 Mag Quake hits Turkish Coast,Tourist Resorts Rocked

A powerful 6.7 magnitude Earthquake hit the Turkish coast, 10 kilometers SSE of Bodrum. Following the Earthquake, tourist resorts and beachfront hotels were damaged by a Mediterranean tsunami. Tourists were seen by witnesses at the scene fleeing their hotel rooms in panic, while footage was posted online depicting patients and hospital staff cowering for cover.

The tsunami triggered by the Earthquake killed at least two and injured scores. The beachfront hotels and tourist resorts  in the coastal city of Marmaris were packed full of European holidaymakers as they were flooded and heavily damaged. The effects of the Earthquake were felt as far as Rhodes and Crete, which are Greek islands in the Mediterranean sea.


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A hotel on the party island of Kos has been severely damaged by the Earthquake, which caused visible cracks in the walls. Tourists were hastily evacuated from the building and they gathered anxiously in the street, facing a nigh of sleeping outside, on the beach.

Turkish authorities ordered holidaymakers to not allow tourists nor personnel to enter hotels following the Earthquake due to the fear of severe aftershocks. Five less-severe Earthquakes hit Turkey in just a couple of hours following the big-one. The 6.7 magnitude main-tremor hit Turkey at approximately 1:30 a.m. local time, lasted for thirty seconds and according to reports, the quake was felt as far as 120 miles. According to a former football player, Kevin McNaughton respectively:

 ‘Jesus just experienced earthquake in turkey, literally crapped myself room shaking allover place, Just stood outside now no sure what to do.’

Most probably, this was a coup attempt…by a tectonic plate. Another 20,000 arrests to follow and a vote to make Erdogan sultan for life.