A Few Questions About The Las Vegas Massacre

las vegas massacre

As far as the official narrative goes (the lone wolf theory), Stephen Paddock, a 64 year old and very wealthy retired accountant who was living in a small town near Las Vegas went on a killing spree on Sunday as he carried the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. Using a fully automatic weapon from his high rise hotel room, Paddock shot and killed at least 59 people and wounded over 500 as they were attending a country music concert nearby.

Here are a few questions that remain unanswered so far: what was this guy’s motive?  What weapon did he use? These are important issues to take care of, as they answer the question whether Stephen Paddock could inflict that massive destruction from a significant distance (over 300 yards), or, as earlier rumors/reports suggest, there were multiple shooters involved in the attack.

Twenty three (23) weapons were reportedly found in Paddock’s Mandalay Resort Hotel room, where he had checked into on September 28th. The obvious question is: how did he bring all that paraphernalia in? Disassembled? Was he gun-savvy? Did he have prior military/weapons training experience?

Judging from what we know so far, the answer to the latter is no. Here’s Paddock’s brother for The Guardian:

“He’s not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kind of weapons is just – where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that. He’s just a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite, drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. He did stuff. Ate burritos.”

The first reports suggest that police/SWAT/FBI or whomever broke into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room, a fight ensued and he was killed in the shooting. However, the media were told later that Paddock committed suicide as the police was breaking inside his room, or prior to that. Which one is it?

Moreover, early reports suggest that Las Vegas police was looking frantically for Paddock’s roommate/girlfriend/companion or whatever Marilou Danley and that she was taken into custody. Later on, we were told Marilou Danley was in Tokyo, Japan and she had nothing to do with the shooting per se. But how did they know so quickly she was not involved? Being overseas at the time of the shooting doesn’t mean she was not involved, at least in the planning.

Then comes this bombshell:

Las Vegas Shooter Converted to Islam Months Ago Claims ISIS

Amaq, which is the official news agency of the Islamic State takes credit for the attack, meaning that Paddock was an Islamic jihadist and the shooting was an act of terror. The claim was rapidly dismissed by FBI who in less than 24 hours investigated and determined that Paddock had nothing to do with ISIS/terrorism. This is the same FBI who is investigating the alleged Russia collusion for over a year now with zero proof.  It’s worth mentioning that ISIS don’t usually take fake credit for terrorist attacks, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Then we have this, i.e. the story of a concert goer warning people 45 minutes before the shooting that they’re all going to die. Is she involved? Who is she?