All Girl Jihadi Gang Busted for Planning Terrorist Attacks in UK

all girl jihadi

A trio of Muslim women, including a mother and her daughter, are currently charged with preparing terrorists acts in the United Kingdom and also with conspiracy to murder. Dubbed the “all girl Jihadi gang”, these three are the first all-female Islamic terrorist group which is about to appear in court, accused of planning “knife Intifada” styled terrorist attacks in the UK.

The mother, Mina Dich, 43 year old, her daughter Rizlaine Boular, 21 year old and a third friend Khawla Barghouthi, 20 year old were accused of planning to execute a terrorist attack in Westminster back in April, the current year. The picture above depicts Rizlaine Boular on top and her mother Mina Dich right below, together with two other (unrelated with terrorism) girls.

Being presumably the “head” of the terrorist cell, Rizlaine Boular was arrested by UK’s counter-terrorist forces when armed police officers raided  Khawla Barghouthi’s residence on April 27th. During the operation, Rizlaine Boular was shot 4 times and suffered emergency surgery. Following her discharge from the hospital, she was arrested and taken into custody. Her mother Mina Dich was also arrested following a separate operation in Kent.

The alleged Islamic terrorist trio appeared on court on Friday at the Old Bailey, being charged with engaging in preparation of a terrorist act and conspiracy to commit murder between April 11th and April 28th. The three women were allegedly planning to butcher innocent bystanders in an operation dubbed the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. During their appearance in court today, both the mother and daughter were wearing the full Muslim attire, a niqab/burqa respectively, covering their entire faces and in order to be identified by the court, they had to raise their hands when called, and that’s very peculiar to say the least, since regular folk (as in not Muslim) are not allowed to wear even a hat in a court-room. Khawla Barghouthi wore a hijab, i.e. here face could be seen.

UK all female gang terrorism

The Islamic terrorist trio wannabe will stand trial at the Old Bailey on November 27th.