AMTRAK Train Derails on Highway Bridge Outside Seattle Leaving at Least 6 Dead

AMTRAK derailment Tacoma

A deadly AMTRAK train derailment in Washington State on Monday left at least 6 people dead and 77 injured. The AMTRAK 501 derailed on an overpass and plunged off onto I-5 in the close vicinity of Lacey, Washington. The train’s 13 cars smashed spectacularly onto vehicles circulating on the highway below. Authorities are expecting the number of casualties to rise.

It’s interesting that this horrific train wreck happened during AMTRAK 501’s maiden run between Seattle, Washington and Portland. According to preliminary reports, it’s highly unlikely that the accident took place due to infrastructure issues, because the train derailed on brand new tracks. Now, authorities believe that an object on tracks was the motive for the train’s derailment.


President Trump presented his condolences to the victims of the tragic accident and their families, while taking the opportunity to remember America’s crumbling infrastructure problem:

There are already a few (usual) suspects:


Why Antifa? Well, check this out:

In the past month, various anarchists and anti fracking activists have been blocking rail tracks in Olympia, Washington. And here’s from Puget Sound Anarchist website:

A few days ago, inspired by the  Olympia train Blockade, we used copper wire to signal a blockage and disrupt rail traffic near Medford Oregon. Railways are easily accessible and everywhere. Sabotage is fun and easy.