Black Death Warning: Plague Could Mutate and Become Untreatable

pneumonic plague outbreak madagascar

The plague epidemic in Madagascar I already told you about is now getting scarier, as scientists fear the virus which spreads the deadly disease could mutate at any time, thus becoming untreatable. Currently speaking, the epidemic claimed the lives of 143 people and more than 2000 were infected, but the plague is spreading rapidly through a number of African nations.

Health officials are now warning about the worst plague outbreak in half a century and if the virus mutates, the epidemic may get much worse real quick. A mutation would make the virus resistant to antibiotics, i.e. the disease would become untreatable. The new plague epidemic is different this time due to the prevalence of the airborne pneumonic plague, which can be transmitted rather easily from person to person via sneezing, coughing, spitting or any other type of contact which involves bodily fluids.

Health protection experts already warned about the possibility for the pneumonic plague to spread to North America and Europe, just like Ebola did back in 2014, with the mention that pneumonic plague is way more contagious than Ebola was, hence the damage would be catastrophic.

The thing is, the plague epidemic which initially infected people in the island nation of Madagascar is now spreading to ten African nations, the latest victim being Malawi. Other African countries were warned to brace for impact with the black plague: South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, La Réunion, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia and Comoros.

To make things worse, a new contender arrived: a new and deadly disease provoked by the  Marburg virus, which has an 88% fatality rate. A deadly outbreak has been reported in Uganda with 5 cases already identified and confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) . Marburg is very similar to the Ebola virus, a garden variety of hemorrhagic fever.