Breaking: Active Shooter at Public Library in New Mexico, Multiple Casualties

new mexico library shooting

Update: 2 people (both women) were killed and 4 injured in the shooting

A mass shooting occurred at a public library in New Mexico on Monday afternoon. According to early reports from the police and news-media, the Clovis-Carver public library was the scene of a mass shooting with multiple people dead and scores injured as a gunman opened fire inside the building.

Police Captain Roman Romero did not offer details as per the time I am writing this piece, but what we do know is that security forces surrounded the Clovis-Carver library at approximately 4.05pm local time. According to witness reports, an armed man entered the library and started to shoot in the air. Here’s a brief report from the scene of the shooting:


According to KOB 4, at least two persons were killed and multiple were left injured in the shooting at Clovis-Carver Public Library on Monday afternoon. One man was taken into police custody, but it’s not clear if the man is the suspect, i.e. if he’s connected with the shooting. Stay tuned.

new mexico shooting

Photo: Eastern New Mexico News