Car Mows Down Five Children, Two Adults in PA

rice township incident

According to early police reports, two adults and five children were critically injured as they were hit by a car on Friday evening while they were taking a stroll through their development.  Five of the critically-injured victims were airlifted to local hospitals, two of the adults and three children, while the other 2 children arrived at the hospital via ambulance, township police said.


Police investigators said that the driver was arrested on the spot and he’s currently into custody. The incident took place on Aleksander Drive in Polonia Estates. Early reports from police and witnesses say that the family of seven was walking down the street, while the car was coming in from the opposite lane prior to the horrific incident. The crash was witnessed by neighbors who rushed outside and called the police.  Rice Twp. police Sgt. Harry Ehret has said about the incident:

“We’re still trying to figure out what happened,”

i.e. there’s no intel on whether this was an accident or an intentional act (read terrorism). A neighbor who witnessed the tragedy, 17 years old Patrick Colo respectively, was quoted as saying:

I came out and saw a bunch of kids laying in the street cryingI tried to help the best I could.

Another witness, 45 years old Eric Wanchisen, described how the accident occurred right in front of the house of an emergency room medic who fortunately was home at the time:

“What’s the odds she was home? She had them all assessed before the ambulance came,”

The witness (Eric) credited the ER doctor with saving at least one life. Also, he said that people in the area have complained for years about speeding on the road.

“This is worse than I ever could have pictured,”

he said. The driver’s identity was not revealed and that’s rather strange.


rice township

Stay tuned for details.