Carnage on Times Square as Crazed Driver Slams Car Into Pedestrians (VIDEO)

times square attack

A crazed driver killed one and injured 22 as he drove his red Honda into a Times Square crowd on Thursday afternoon. The attacker now in custody was identified as Richard Rojas of the Bronx and according to police reports, the incident is not terrorism related.

Alyssa Elsman, an 18 year old woman from Portage Michigan has died due to injuries resulted from the crash and at least 4 other victims are in critical/serious condition, with severe injuries which include internal bleeding, pelvic fractures and head injuries.



Prior to today’s attack, Richard Rojas was arrested twice on DUI charges. Preliminary field tests and the perpetrator’s statements reveal that the attacker was not drunk, but he was intoxicated by something he smoked. Richard Rojas was described as a Navy washout and after his bloody rampage, he told the cops :

“You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them,”

Basically, he attempted a blue-suicide/suicide by cop, but it’s not very clear how that connects with him trying to kill as many people as possible in the process. According to the eyewitness accounts, the attacker’s actions were clearly intentional, as the red Honda was driven the wrong way on a 1-way street,  jumped the curb and struck dozens of pedestrians before crashing into a pole.





The Post claims that Rojas, who served in the US Navy between 2011-2015(not honorably discharged) was high on K-2 (synthetic marijuana). After leaving the service, he became an alcoholic to cope with stress.