Cop Stabbed in Neck at Michigan Airport ‘Allahu Akbar’

This is a developing story, stay tuned

bishop international airport terrorism

UPDATE: suspect identified as Amor Ftouhi, a Canadian resident. The police officer stabbed in the neck is in stable condition expecting a full recovery.

The Ramadan is not over yet and we just got word about another Islamic terrorist attack, this time in the United States. A cop was stabbed in the neck at Michigan Airport with the suspect screaming the Islamic war cry, the now famous ‘Allahu Akbar’ or God is the Greatest in the parlance of our times. The police officer is in critical condition as he was rushed to a nearby hospital.


According to early reports, the wannabe jihadist is a Canadian born male and the stabbing occurred at the Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday morning. The injured cop was identified as Lieutenant Jeff Neville. The Bishop International Airport was closed and evacuated following the terrorist attack.


The suspect was taken into custody but the name of the attacker was not released for now. The airport officials released a statement saying that, let me quote:

“All passengers are safe and are being evacuated at this time. Please check with your airline for potential cancellations or delays.”

There’s a formal investigation ongoing regarding the horrific event with the FBI in charge. The thing is, the fact that second generation Muslims are often the ones committing these horrific terrorist attacks proves they are not assimilating. They come here and find anti-American liberal public schools and anti-American liberal media and they stay in their Sharia Law Muslim neighborhoods so they are not learning Western values. They are immersed in Sharia and Islamic teachings even though they live here and that’s got to change.

Stay tuned for more details as further intel becomes available.