Deadly Tornado Strikes Texas, Leaves Five Dead, Dozens Injured


The Texan town Canton in Van Zandt County was hit by a deadly tornado earlier on Saturday. According to official reports, five people were killed and dozens suffered injuries. Unfortunately, as of Saturday night, none of the casualties had been formally identified.

A roof was blown off from at least one private residence by the tornado, while a number of buildings were damaged heavily. There were 36 patients received by Athens’ ETMC ( East Texas Medical Center) whilst Cedar Creek’s ETMC has received 8 patients injured by the tornado, with one of them being listed in critical condition (Athens), while the others suffered non life threatening injuries.

During a press conference on Saturday, officials updated the media with the latest news and advised the general public to steer clear from the affected areas.

“We’ve got special units task forces from around the state that are going to be coming in and going through these areas. We still may have some people that are unaccounted for. “It’s going to be an ongoing process. This isn’t going to be taken care of overnight. We’re going to be dealing with this in the morning when daylight gets here,”

said Captain Horton of the Canton Fire Department during the presser. More damage is expected to get uncovered on Sunday morning, and the officials emphasized the fact that the damage provoked by the tornado was not completely analyzed and they are expecting more victims/casualties later in the day:

“We do know it’s very severe from the south western part of our county traveling up northeastThis is a Van Zandt county issue. We have a triage set up here in Canton and in other areas.That number may go up in the morning once we can get into these areas,”

explained Captain Horton.



Photo courtesy: Jason McLaughlin