Essen Shopping Mall Closed by German Police Due to Terrorist Threat

After approximately 2 million refugees entered Germany in the last couple of years alone courtesy of Mutti Merkel’s open border policy, the country is confronting with a wave of criminality and terrorism like never before.

The latest terrorist related incident happened just a few hours ago, with a shopping mall in Essen being closed by German police due to a terrorist attack threat.

Essen is a city in West Germany and local media described how the authorities were warned via “reliable tip-offs” about the clear and present danger of a terrorist attack.

According to a local police statement:

The current state of our investigation points to the threat being exclusively at the shopping center

The shopping center in Essen is located downtown at Limbecker Platz and it remained closed for the day, with the police giving very little details about the nature of the threats.



It seems like the German authorities are beginning to realize that just one more hard-core terrorist attack related to immigrants will basically annihilate the chances of  Angela Merkel for winning a new mandate as chancellor in the upcoming federal elections and they’re not taking any risks.

According to the German newspaper Bild citing intelligence sources, the terrorist attack in Essen would have involved suicide bombers. However, this is just hear say as the suspects names are supposedly a mystery even for the police, hence the intel must be taken with a big grain of Himalayan salt.

The threat was so serious that the shopping mall and the adjacent streets still are in complete lock-down. Even if the police is ferreting with words and doesn’t use the phrase terrorist attack threat in their official statements,Die Welt and Spiegel are describing it as it is.





Photo: © Thilo Schmuelgen / Reuters