Caught on Tape: Explosion at Paris Family Carnival Leaves Thirty Injured

Over thirty people were injured in what was reported as an accidental explosion at a crowded family carnival in Paris, France.

The powerful explosion was deemed by local authorities as accidental. The incident took place in a Paris suburb at a carnival in Villepinte earlier on Saturday.

Le Parisien cites witnesses describing the scene in the aftermath of the blast:

“A man with a broken arm, a child with blood on his face” in the audience and “people [were] running around in all directions to find their children,”

Paramedics and firefighters were immediately dispatched at the scene. The cause of the explosion is not known for now, but according to earlier police reports, the blast may have happened due to an accidental explosion of a Bengal fire, i.e. a carnival effigy built from wood and straw caught fire during a Carribean dance event and… it exploded?!

At least 30 people were injured, of which 5 are in serious (critical) condition, including a child. Villepinte is a small suburb located in the close vicinity of Charles de Gaulle international airport and over 1000 children were attending the family carnival.

The shock wave from the exploding-effigy was so powerful that screaming bystanders were thrown to the ground.

Local authorities told the French media that the explosion was purely accidental and not related to terrorism. France is in a state of emergency with the army in the streets after a wave of Islamic terrorist attacks in the last couple of years.