Father Of Abused Girls Tries To Tackle Larry Nassar in Court! (VIDEO)

Father Of Abused Girls Tries To Tackle Larry Nassar in Court! (VIDEO)

The video below depicts the father of 3 girls sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar trying to beat the crap out of him in court on Friday. Larry Nassar was convicted of sex crimes after he pleaded guilty to 7 counts of criminal sexual conduct. However, the former doctor is accused of sexually abusing at least 150 gymnasts over a 20 year period, including Olympians  McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman.

His modus operandi was to pretend to perform medical procedures on them. On Friday, Nassar was sentenced to serve up to 175 years in prison. The father of the three girls asked the judge to allow him 5 minutes alone with Larry Nassar, and obviously, the judge refused. The father said:

“To grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon. Would you do that?”

the judge responded:

“That is not how our…”

the father then pressed:

“Yes or no?”

the judged repeated:

“No, sir, I can’t,”

then the father pleaded again:

“Would you give me one minute?”

and the judge tried again to calm him:

” You know I can’t do that. That’s not how our legal system works.”

Frustrated after the repeated denials from the judge, the father then tried to attack Larry Nassar, but he failed as he was tackled down by police officers. Now, if you ask me, just this one time the cops should have been slow to react . However, the father should take some comfort in the fact that the “Bubbas” in prison will have 175 years to mete out justice on Nassar. Prisoners don’t take kindly to pedophiles, given many are fathers of daughters.

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