Florida Braces for Direct Hit from Hurricane Irma

hurricane irma florida

As AccuWeather puts it, there’s no way for the United States to avoid yet another catastrophic weather event, and that comes in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which left tens of thousands without homes and caused almost 200 billion dollars in damage, not to mention flooding, health issues, over half a million cars totaled and so forth and so on.

Enters Irma, a cat. 5 hurricane which already carved a path of almost total annihilation through the Caribbean. Almost ninety percent of Bermuda is now uninhabitable and the bankrupt Puerto Rico contemplates the dark ages, as one million of its people were rendered powerless by Irma, and by powerless I mean the electrical grid has been devastated, i.e. there’s no power.

And now, AccuWeather’s founder warns about another catastrophic weather event that is expected to cause massive damage in Florida. According to Dr. Joel N. Myers, the meteorologist who founded AccuWeather, Irma is potentially the worst single hurricane to hit Florida since 1992’s Andrews.

As hundreds of thousands are evacuating or preparing to evacuate from Irma’s path in one of the nation’s largest exodus in history, a hurricane which is now less than 48 hours away from US’ shores, Dr. Joel N. Myers assesses that Irma will cause catastrophic damage on US cities, and the most severely impacted are going to be West Palm Beach, Miami, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach. Fort Myers, Tampa and Sarasota are also in the cross-hairs, with residents facing life threatening winds and flooding rainfall hazards.  The coast of Georgia and South Carolina are also at danger from Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma’s intensity is slowly weakening at this time, but it is expected to remain a cat. 4 until landfall in Florida. Bottom line, severe weather as in hurricane like conditions are expected over large geographical areas of the Florida peninsula starting from Saturday night. This is a very dangerous (at least) cat. 4 hurricane, packing winds of 155 miles per hour and bringing a storm surge of up to ten feet in the Florida Keys. Florida’s power grid is in great danger, as strong winds are expected to take their toll on the infrastructure, leaving millions without power for weeks or months.

For live updates, visit here: National Hurricane Center: