Four American Tourists Hit With Acid Attack in France

american tourists acid attack marseille

Four young American women were the victims of a horrific acid attack as they were visiting Marseille, France. The group of four were Boston College foreign exchange students and they were sprayed with hydrochloric acid by a 41 year old woman as they were waiting on a train at the Marseille train station. The victims are all young female college students in their twenties and 2 of them suffered facial injuries, i.e. acid burns.

Acid attacks on women, which are a common occurrence in the Muslim world are now becoming the norm in multicultural Europe, but until now, the vast majority of acid attacks took place in the UK. Now, it is France’s turn.

All four American tourists are Boston College juniors and they were sprayed with acid on Sunday morning at the  Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles station.  Fortunately, Charlotte Kaufman,  Courtney Siverling, Kelsey Kosten and Michelle Krug suffered non-life-threatening injuries as they were preparing to board a train at approximately 11 a.m. local time.

Following the acid attack, the 41 year old woman showed them photos of her own injuries, also acid burns, which makes it very probable that she is of Muslim faith, though French authorities did not disclose her name nor her ethnicity. The attacker was described by French media as suffering of “deep psychological problems” and it’s interesting to notice that the attack is not treated as a terrorist incident. Acid attacks are endemic in the UK, a country with a significant Muslim population in its biggest cities. For example, London alone saw more than 450 acid attacks in 2016 (a 250% increase from 2015) and more than 1500 since 2011.

Marseille is one of France and Europe’s most dangerous cities, with a 40% Muslim population and plenty of no-go zones, where entire neighborhoods are controlled by Muslim gangs which are involved in drug trafficking and settle turf disputes with automatic weapons.

In case you were having second thoughts, just remember that old mantra: diversity is our strength.

Via  AP