France: Hammer Attack on Two Women by Man Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’, Knife Attack on Soldier

Friday was a bad day for France (and the UK for that matter) as 2 Islamic terrorist attacks took place in 2 different cities. Two women were hit with a hammer by a man screaming the jihadist war-cry Allahu Akbar as they were strolling down the street in Chalon-sur-Saone, a small city near  Lyon, France. One of the women suffered non life threatening wounds while the other was seriously injured.

Witnesses reported that one of the women was struck in the back of the head, as the courageous jihadist seems to have attacked from behind. A manhunt followed the horrific incident as French police deployed a helicopter. The perpetrator wearing an all black attire fled the scene immediately.

This happens just a couple of days after a similar terrorist attack in Tolouse, when another Muslim fanatic attacked 7 people including three cops. For further reference, read this: Man Shouting Allahu Akbar attacks 7 People, 3 Cops in Toulouse, France.

In an apparently non related incident, an unnamed knife wielding Islamic terrorist screaming ISIS slogans and praising Allah attacked a soldier outside a Paris metro-station. The soldier managed to wrestle the terrorist to the ground. The suspect is currently into custody. Fortunately,nobody was injured. The attacker was taken to the Chatelet police station and he’s facing terrorism charges.

chatelet knife attack

These two attacks in France come on the same-exact day an improvised explosive device blew up a London subway cab injuring more than twenty people. The good news is that the home-made bomb failed to detonate properly, else the body count would have been horrific.

What’s most amazing is the tolerance of French and British citizens to this almost routine terrorist attacks in European cities. After every Islamic terrorist attack, politicians come forward and spew politically correct nonsense, the likes of “carry on with your lives” and “we will not give in to terror”, meaningless words that don’t change anything, while they continue their policy of appeasement and open borders with zero vetting.

Via Le Journal